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A Native American woman wearing a floral shirt and black sweater smiles

3 Things to Keep Me From Rolling My Eyes at Your White Privilege

Gabriella Cazares-Kelly, a community organizer from the Tohono O’odham Nation, presents three best practices for White allies trying to meaningfully engage with people from underrepresented groups at meetings, protests and events.

Sidewalk spraypainted with "White privilege"

POLL: Most White People Don't Think They Enjoy Privilege Over Blacks

Also, water is wet.

Karlie May in yellow dress with white sash, hands held in prayer formation

Miss Teen USA to Retain Crown Despite Past N-Word Tweets

Karlie Hay: “A few years ago, I used language that is inexcusable, and I sincerely apologize for my actions.”

#TBT to When Toni Morrison Checked Charlie Rose on White Privilege

The “Song of Solomon” and “Beloved” author turns 85 today. 

Tef Poe on Why He's Taking Aim at 'White Privilege II' With 'Message to Macklemore'

“Me making a record like this doesn’t help my iTunes sales. It doesn’t help me clear up accusations that I’m some type of psychotic, cop-killing rapper. … It’s going to be a bunch of complicated conversations that I can’t walk away from.” 


New Video Asks 'Can You See White Privilege?'

The project, called “White Privilege Glasses,” comes from a Chicago-based seminary.

Macklemore Addresses 'Black Lives Matter,' Appropriation Criticism on 'White Privilege II'

The nine-minute song was created in collaboration with a number of artists, educators and anti-racism organizers. 

ICYMI: Watch Activist DeRay McKesson School Stephen Colbert on White Privilege

McKesson on privilege and racism: “Gotta create space for the conversation. We can’t address what we don’t talk about.”

Dem Presidential Hopefuls Talked White Privilege, Deportation, Diversity at Iowa Forum

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley answered pointed race questions from Fusion at the oldest people-of-color focused presidential debate in the country. 

WATCH: Sasheer Zamata Explains Privilege In Hilarious New Short

The SNL star appears in a new video from the ACLU that addresses white and male privilege. 

The Top 3 Times Law Enforcement Let White People Wild Out in 2015

Video of a white Brooklyn jogger threatening a white couple pushing a stroller has made its way around the Internets. But it’s only the latest example of how police and extrajudicial authorities have responded to white people’s outrageous behavior with remarkable restraint. 

Michael Derrick Hudson Criticized For Using Asian Pen Name To Get Poem Published

Hudson used the pseudonymn Yi-Fen Chou to be published in an anthology called “The Best American Poetry 2015.” Now, the revelation is causing controversy in and beyond the poetry community. 

Jose Antonio Vargas Addresses 'White People' Criticism in New 'Medium' Editorial

The director and journalist talked about his new MTV documentary “White People” and addressed four strands of criticism that have been leveled at the film. 

Peggy McIntosh Sets Record Straight on White Privilege

What it is and, what it is not