What Is In The Bill

Senate Passes Historic Immigration Reform Bill

The US Senate voted to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill today. But the legislation faces an uphill battle in the House.

Senate Passes Border Militarization Amendment With Bipartisan Support

The Senate agreed today on an amendment to the immigration reform bill that will invest billions to double the number of armed agents on the US-Mexico border and build hundreds of additional miles of fences.

Immigration Bill Leaps Forward, Heads to Full Senate

The Judiciary Committee passed the bill without rights for LGBT couples, and with new visa provisions tech companies had demanded over labor’s opposition.

Senators Add Protection for Detainees to Immigration Bill

The Judiciary Committee started a long week of immigration reform markup with a series of amendments to protect the rights of detained and deported immigrants.

Senate Amendment Limits Dangerous Deportation Practice

The Senate Juditiary Committee agreed to amend the immigration reform bill to limit practices that send deportees to dangerous spots on the border and separate family members who migrate together.

Day One Of Immigration Amendments: Enforcement Is Never Enough For Republicans

As it’s amended the immigration reform bill will move to the right. How far is yet to be seen.

Senate Battle Lines Drawn on Immigration Bill

Senators in the Judiciary Committee introduced hundreds of amendments to the comprehensive immigration bill yesterday.

They could dramatically alter the bill.

On Immigration, Points Of Conflict Crystallize As Senators Plunge Into Debate

The immigration bill introduced by a group of Senators last week was the subject of a third Judiciary Committee hearing today where the outlines of the hard policy fight ahead came squarely into view.

Can Low-Income Immigrants Afford Citizenship?

Immigration reform promises millions a path to citizenship, but will some be left out because it’s too expensive?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Expands 'Alternatives' to Detention

The Gang of Eight Senate immigration bill would take small but important steps to reform the immigration detention system.

Modest Racial Profiling Protections In Senate Immigration Bill

The Senate immigration bill includes small but important checks on racial profiling by immigration agents.

No Obamacare or Safety Net While on Senate's Path to Citizenship

That’s a long wait for a disproportionately poor population–that will continue paying taxes for benefits they can’t access.

In Immigration Bill, More Criminal Prosecutions For Deportees Who Try To Return

The Gang of Eight immigration reform bill will expand criminal prosecution of immigrants crossing over the border.

Many of those prosecuted are held in private prisons.

A Synopsis (in Progress) of the Senate's Immigration Bill

Colorlines’ Seth Freed Wessler is plowing through all 844 pages. Here’s the big picture thus far.

On Visas, Senate Bill Clears Family Backlog, But Closes Diversity Door

The Gang of Eight immigration bill will cut whole categories of visas for siblings and will do away with the Diversity Lottery that many African immigrants rely on.

Same-Sex Couples Are Not Part Of Immigration Reform Bill

The immigration reform bill from the Senate excludes gay and lesbian couples from petitioning for non-citizen partners.

Immigration Bill's Criminal Checks Include 'Gang Affiliation' Without Conviction

The Gang of Eight bill will bar people with gang affiliations and many criminal offenses from a path to citizenship and does nothing to change the “aggravated felony” laws.

DREAM Act in Senate Bill Includes No Age Cap and Faster Path to Citizenship

The Senate Immigration bill includes a broad DREAM Act provisions with no upper age limit.

Immigration Bill Includes Protections for Families Broken Up by Deportation

The bill takes some important steps to reunite families and stop children of deportees from entering foster care, a problem uncovered in a Colorlines investigation.

The Senate Immigration Bill Has Arrived! Here Are Its Basics

Post #1 on the bill’s 844 pages. We’ll comb through the details for answers to the big questions: Who gets citizenship, how and what new enforcement powers come in return.