Washington D.C.

people on the lawn outside of National Museum Of African American History & Culture

How City Planners Are Battling Rising Temps Across Nation

Global warming is causing major climate shifts. Now, cities are making major changes to protect their most vulnerable residents.

Young girl with dark hair and a pink butterfly on her white t-shirt stands in front of a chainlink fence.

D.C. Officials Oppose Plan to Shelter Migrant Children in Nation's Capital

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser: “Washington, D.C. will not be complicit in the inhumane practice of detaining migrant children in warehouses.”

Washington, D.C. aerial view

Washington D.C. On Course To Pass Historic Climate Bill

As the federal government doubles down on denying climate change, the nations capital is moving toward using 100 percent renewable energy.  

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The Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival Moves Black Distillers, Vintners and Brewers From the Margins

When Chanel Turner founded Fou-Dré in 2009, she became the first Black woman to run a vodka company. Now she’s creating community with her Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival, which enters its second year this weekend. 

A Maternity Care Desert Threatens Lower Income Women in Washington, D.C.

The closure of two labor and delivery wards in D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods presents a challenge for communities with already alarmingly high maternal and infant mortality rates.

Flood waters rise around a title loan store on Garners Ferry Road October 4, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina.

A New Study Explains Why Coastal Cities Are at Increased Risk of Flooding

The factors that contributed to Houston’s devastation are poised to converge in other cities, too.

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No Charges for D.C. Cop Who Killed Terrence Sterling

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser says the Metropolitan Police Department has called for Officer Brian Trainer’s resignation.

Black man in grey suit with white shirt and white flower pinned to suit against blue sky and green foliage background

Family of Man Killed by D.C. Police Files $50 Million Lawsuit

The civil suit alleges that Officer Brian Trainer unlawfully killed Terrence Sterling.

White men in black suits next to Asian woman in black dress, all holding right hands in Nazi salute against brown restaurant background

D.C.-Area Restaurant Apologizes for Hosting White Supremacist Think-Tank Reception

Maggiano’s Little Italy also pledged to donate earnings from the night of the reception to the Anti-Defamation League. 

Protestors hold signs on streets of Los Angeles

WATCH: #TrumpProtests Take Over Streets Nationwide

From New York City to Los Angeles, Americas are expressing their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump.

Activists Sue FBI, DHS for Movement for Black Lives Surveillance Info

Color Of Change’s Brandi Collins “It is clear the Department of Homeland Security and FBI are continuing their disturbing legacy of employing secretive surveillance tactics with murky legal parameters to chill The Movement for Black Lives.”

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AAPI Orgs, Activists Join Forces for New Voter Mobilization Initiative and Concerts

#IAmAsianAmerican launched today with plans to register 15,000 Asian-American millenials to vote through via free concerts in four cities on October 16.

Brown museum with white monument in background against blue sky

10 Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Smithsonian's Long-Awaited Black History and Culture Museum

Check out pics of a Tuskeegee Airmen plane, the P-Funk Mothership and more in this roundup from yesterday’s media day at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

man in black t-shirt and hat next to man in green t-shirt and red-and-white hat with red-and-white clock around his neck

Public Enemy, The Roots to Perform at New Smithsonian Museum Opening

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture officially opens on September 24. Visitors can celebrate at a three-day festival.

Two men hold a large, orange "1" and "5."

Washington D.C. Latest City to Implement $15 Minimum Wage

Eighty percent of the workers who will benefit are people of color.

Interior of a large cathedral with high, arched ceilings; stained glass windows line the walls

National Cathedral to Remove Confederate Flags in Stained Glass Windows

The Cathedral’s canon theologian, Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas: “The Lee-Jackson windows call the question of race and the legacy of slavery, and instead of turning away from that question, the Cathedral has decided to lean into it.”

Two boys hold a large golden trophy.

Watch These 2 Smarty Pants Win the National Spelling Bee

Nihar Saireddy Janga and Jairam Hathwar are the new co-champions.

Peek Inside The Smithsonian's New Black America-Focused Museum

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture officially opens in September. 

President Obama to Howard University Graduates: 'Be Confident in Your Blackness'

The president touched on historical progress, contemporary struggles, Prince and his daughters in his keynote address at Howard University’s commencement ceremony this weekend.  

This Google Doodle Aims 'To Not Only Turn Heads, But Souls As Well'

Tenth grader Akilah Johnson’s winning Google Doodle draws from the history of Black resistance and pride.