Washington DC

Two Black people sit on the ground wearing black

UPDATE: 10 Arrested as Movement For Black Lives Takes on Police Unions

Black Youth Project 100, Black Lives Matter and Million Hoodies launch protest actions to demand accountability for police officers who commit violent acts against citizens.

Two D.C. Students Expelled for Sending Bomb Threats From Muslim Classmate's E-mail

A spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations says that the incident should be considered a hate crime. 

'Didn’t Cha Know' You Need To Hear This Stunning Erykah Badu Cover?

You really should listen to this. 

WATCH: Viral Video Shows DC Police Violently Handcuffing Teenage Student

The student’s former teacher: “White fear of a black boy caused that.”

Child Makes It To Popemobile, Asks Francis to Assist in Family's Immigration Case

A five-year-old somehow made it past an epic blockade in Washington, D.C. to deliver the visiting Pope a pro-immigration reform message. 

Meet the Burlesque Dancers ‘Bringing the Chocolate Back to Chocolate City’

Chè Monique and Dainty Dandridge founded Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret in November, and their second showcase is debuting tonight to a nearly sold-out 300 person theatre in Washington, D.C.

Trans Girl's Friend Helps Stop Stabbing Attack on D.C. Metro

She’s expected to make a full recovery.

Appeals Board Cancels Washington, DC NFL Team's Trademark

It’s a major setback for team owner Daniel Snyder and company.

Native American Groups Are Not Impressed by Dan Snyder's Latest Move

NFL owner Dan Snyder has started a new foundation to help the tribes that his team mocks.

Congress Members Keep Pressure on Washington, DC NFL Team

Warning letter mentions the NFL’s $10 billion tax-exempt status.

Washington DC's NFL Team 'Honored' Navajo Code Talkers on Monday

Because Dan Snyder just won’t stop.

'The Onion' Protests the Washington DC NFL Team's Name With Anti-Semitism

If you’re trying to make a point about the bigotry of an NFL team’s name, it’s best not to resort to a bigoted argument.

Poll: Majority See Why Washington DC NFL Team's Name is Offensive

The poll was commissioned by the Oneida Indian Nation.

Shutdown Update: In North Carolina, 50,000 Go Without WIC

Despite reports that WIC nationwide would be safe through October, North Carolina reels from shutdown

The Washington Redskins' Stubborn Racism

Team owner Dan Snyder is risking millions of dollars, a legal battle, and countless eye rolls to prove that tradition is more important than racial justice.

DC Defies Federal Orders to Implement Deportation Program

The Council members city community trust as one of the reasons for defying the federal orders to implement Secure Communities.

Thousands of Unemployed Workers Expected to Protest in D.C.

The action comes as Congress votes on extending unemployment benefits to 2.2 million unemployed workers.

Protesters Occupy Washington, D.C.

It’s unclear how long the Occupy D.C. protesters will be hunkered down in downtown parks, but it’s possible they’ll continue to pick up steam the same way Occupy Wall Street has.