Once West Africa's Rising Star, Ivory Coast Faces Dangerous Horizon

The 2010 election was supposed to herald a new era in the region. Now, the future holds more questions than answers.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Call for Peace as Racial Justice Still Rings

Global Justice columnist Michelle Chen explores the legacy of King’s antiwar activism.

Naomi Campbell Defends Her Blood Diamond Testimony

Still claims she didn’t know a thing about those “dirty looking stones.”

How Time's Aisha Cover Obscures the Horror of War

Featuring a woman’s mutilation outside of the context in which the horror has happened both obscures the reality of the situation and conceals those who are responsible.

U.S. Makes First Appearance at Hiroshima Bombing Memorial

Obama sends the U.S. ambassador to mark the bombing’s 65th anniversary.

Sexual Assault Left Out of Military's PTSD Reform

New regulations for reviewing veterans’ PTSD claims offer little comfort for military women who have survived sexual trauma.

"Culture" Cop-Out Won't Stop Rape in Eastern Congo

The brutal war in eastern Congo has become synonymous with rape as a military tactic. Sensationalism combines with subrosa racism to dull the international response.

Naomi Campbell Wants No Part in Locking Up a War Criminal

It sounds like the plot line for an action film.

A warlord, then actually the head of an African state, is at a party at Nelson Mandela’s house. He meets a supermodel and is so taken by her that he sends one of his guys to her room, where the sleepy supermodel opens the door and is given a blood diamond, a diamond that’s been mined in a war zone for the sole purpose of financing brutal activities.