Walmart Stores

Over 100 Arrested in Walmart Black Friday Actions

Current and former Walmart associates protested on Black Friday, demanding better wages and treatment.

Walmart Strikes Spread to Miami Ahead of Black Friday Protests

The countdown to Black Friday is on.

54 Arrested in Los Angeles During Walmart Protest

Organizers are calling it the largest act of civil disobedience in Walmart history.

Walmart Employees Stage Nationwide Protest

Demonstrations in protest of low wages and employee terminations are expected in 15 cities nationwide.

Walmart Security Guard Kills Woman Who Had Two Kids in Backseat of Car

Her parents say, even if she did commit a crime, did she need to die?

Walmart Ignored Deadly 'High Risks' at Bangladeshi Factory

More than 100 people died Saturday and Sunday in a fire at a garment factory outside Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Walmart is Nation's #1 Employer of Latinos, and Also Big Funders of Anti-Immigrant Efforts

They found the vast majority of recipients of funding voted against the DREAM Act, supported E-verify, immigrant detention, and militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Why You Shouldn't Line Up For Walmart's Black Friday Deals

The kickoff to the national holiday shopping frenzy has now officially merged with Thanksgiving day itself, with Walmart leading the Thanksgiving evening creep by opening its doors at 10pm on Thursday this week.

Walmart Worker Strike Spreads to Maryland, Texas

Workers say even Walmart’s intimidation tactics won’t keep them silent.

In Historic Move, Walmart Workers Across Los Angeles Walk Off the Job

Workers say the retail giant is retaliating against workers who are trying to organize.

Investigators Find Forced Labor at Louisiana Walmart Seafood Supplier

Mexican “Guest Workers” at Louisiana plant peel and boil crawfish for 15 to 24 hours straight for less than minimum wage.

Workers Allege Forced Labor at Walmart, Plan March in NYC

Workers say they were forced to work up to 24 hours without overtime pay and faced threats of violence from a Walmart supplier.

Walmart Backs Away From ALEC's Quest to Suppress Black Voters

Walmart Stores Inc., announced late Wednesday it’s suspending its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the right-wing policy group that has worked to suppress the black vote and promoted “Kill at Will” gun laws.