Walmart store sign; white font on beige concrete with a yellow asterik

Dozens of Hate-Fueled Attacks Against People of Color Reported at Walmart Stores Nationwide

Univision tracks several racist incidents at the country’s largest private sector employer of African-American and Latinx workers.

Puerto Rico Faces Extensive Damage After Hurricane Maria

FEMA Ignored Puerto Rico Supermarkets' Requests for Generator Fuel After Hurricane Maria

The result was the loss of tens of thousands of dollars of food, while people stood in lines outside, hungry.

White Man Protests Walmart's Confederate Flag Ban With a Bomb, is Peacefully Arrested

Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre: “He’s a strong supporter of keeping that flag flying. … This is his way of bringing attention to that.”

The Four Retailers Banning the Confederate Flag


Jeb Bush 2016, Dugger Interview, Worsening MERS Outbreak

Some of Thursday’s big stories

Victories (and Setbacks) in the Big Fight for Fair Wages

Tallying up the wins and unfinished work in the fight for a $15 minimum wage.

Tax Day, Arizona Dashcam Video, Fight for $15

Some of the today’s big stories

[VIDEO] Ferguson Makes Black Friday Protests Different This Year

This year, Black Friday’s not just about shopping (or not); it’s about standing up against police brutality, too

Walmart vs. NYT Columnist Timothy Egan

You decide the winner: Egan or Walmart?

Texas Judge Bars Walmart Workers From Protesting

Temporary order is scheduled to be revisited on June 16

Over 100 Arrested in Walmart Black Friday Actions

Current and former Walmart associates protested on Black Friday, demanding better wages and treatment.

Walmart Workers Take Back Shopping Holiday with Black Friday Actions

Black Friday isn’t just about shopping anymore.

Walmart Strikes Spread to Miami Ahead of Black Friday Protests

The countdown to Black Friday is on.

National Labor Relations Board: Walmart 'Unlawfully Threatened' Workers

The federal agency will pursue charges against the retail giant.

Walmart and Forever21 Truckers Strike in Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles-based truck drivers who deliver goods to Walmart, Forever21 and Costco are going on strike today.

Walmart Worker Arrested in Protest Explains Why She Took the Risk

Evelin Cruz is one of 54 Los Angeles-area workers who blocked an intersection and got arrested protesting Walmart’s poor wages and labor practices. Here’s why she took a chance with her livelihood.

54 Arrested in Los Angeles During Walmart Protest

Organizers are calling it the largest act of civil disobedience in Walmart history.

Walmart Employees Stage Nationwide Protest

Demonstrations in protest of low wages and employee terminations are expected in 15 cities nationwide.

Wal-Mart Smacked With $110 Million in Fines for Environmental Crimes

Wal-Mart illegally disposed of hazardous liquids and pesticides, now they’re paying up.

Walmart Security Allegedly Suspected Father of Kidnapping Biracial Kids

The father is white and his wife of ten years is black and according to a Walmart manager that means their children “didn’t fit.”