wall street

The Reason Why I Fight

Seven low-wage workers tell video storyteller Kat Lazo why they made the time and braved the chilly New York City rain to join the Fight for $15’s mammoth national day of action. 

Brooklyn Boxing Coach Kicks Wall Street Where it Hurts [Video]

Meet Eric Kelly, a four-time National Amateur Boxing champion and two-time NYC Golden Glove tournament winner, who isn’t afraid of anyone, even Wall Street dudes.

The Street Corner Wisdom of Foreclosure Fraud: It Wasn't Me

The San Francisco County assessor released an audit suggesting that many more demonstrable crimes were committed during the foreclosure bust than we once thought. That’s not a quirk. It’s rampant lawlessness. And it’s by design.

Obama Skips GOP, Appoints Consumer Watchdog Cordray

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the sole reform to come out of the financial crisis that aims to deal with that fact.

Here's to Occupying Wall Street! (If Only That Were Actually Happening)

The Occupy Wall Street movement is building steam as protestors battle with NYPD over the right to peaceful assembly. That’s great, but the crisis at hand–crippling economic inequity–is once again lost in the din.

It's Time to Lift the Debt Burden Wall Street Loaded Onto Our Backs

Banks have spent tens of millions trying to protect a predatory financial industry from accountability. There could be no more essential fight than making sure they don’t get their money’s worth.

What Obama's Elizabeth Warren Retreat Says About His Power Problem

Warren’s had the two most important qualifications for the consumer protection job: power and influence. But the president likes to give away both, and so banks got their way, again.

Ohio Homeowners Storm Chase Shareholders Meeting

Dozens testified demanding accountability for Chase’s lending. The bank has rejected more modification applications than Bank of America and Wells Fargo combined.

Report: Payday Lenders Swarming Black and Latino Neighborhoods

Midwestern black and Latino ‘hoods have three times the number of high-priced, quick loan shops as white ones.