A small boy holds a dinosaur and stands next to his father, who wears a gray jacket. They are standing in a crowded bus station in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson to Vote on Becoming Arizona's Only Sanctuary City

If Prop 205 passes, new restrictions would be implemented around police questioning residents on immigration status.

Baby in stroller waits as midterm election voters cast their ballots at Atlanta, Georgia's Grady High School polling station on November 6, 2018.

New Report Shows Historic Turnout Despite Voter Suppression in 2018 Midterms

More than 122 million people cast a ballot, according to findings from Pew Research Center.

overhead shot of land with trees and four houses with white lines dividing the houses

WATCH: New Doc Shows How Gerrymandering Suppresses Black Votes in North Carolina

“Crooked Lines” explains how lawmakers design voting districts to influence elections and keep Black voters from electing their preferred candidates.

arms in red sleeves insert ballot into voting machine

Florida Lawsuit Seeks Bilingual Ballots for Puerto Ricans Who Fled Hurricane Maria

Several advocacy organizations say elected officials in Florida are violating the voting rights of tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans who moved to the mainland after the devastating hurricane.

Handwritten sign reads, "Vote. Thank you!"

How to Vote in An Off-Year Election

Want to participate in this election cycle, but not sure where to start? Read on.

Black and white people in line against green grass

Long Early Voting Lines Illustrate Need for More Polling Places

One line in Cincinnati was a half-mile long. A new Vox report lays the blame not on enthusiastic early voter turnout, but polling place deficiencies.

Young Black man with dredlocks and a blue hoodie votes in Ferguson

Millennial Activist Ashley Yates: 'Voting Can Help End Police Brutality. No, I'm Not Joking'

The Movement for Black lives and Ferguson-area activist makes a pragmatic pitch for voting, particularly in local and state elections. “The majority of over-policing and incarceration originates there, with judges, prosecutors, sheriffs and city officials,” she writes.

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AAPI Voters Can Now Find Voting Material in Their Native Language

Online advocacy organization launched a web-based app that will make this year’s election the most diverse in U.S. history.

Federal Court to Florida: Prison Gerrymandering is Unconstitutional

“To treat the inmates the same as actual constituents makes no sense under any theory of one person, one vote, and indeed under any theory of representative democracy.”

Donald Trump and the Disaffected, White, Working Class Voter

Through blatant racism and Islamophbia, Donald Trump has captured a mass of White, Midwestern, working class people who haven’t felt represented by either of the major parties and share some of the same views. How will his us-against-them strategy impact a country that is as divided as it was before the Civil War?

STUDY: Half of Black Millenials Know a Victim of Police Violence, Still See Cops as Protectors

Fifty-four percent of young black people surveyed say that either they or someone they know have been harassed by police or been the victim of police violence. Meanwhile, 66 percent still think police are there to protect them.

This New App Aims to Help Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders Vote

Nonprofit 18 Million Rising is raising funds to develop app that will assist millions of AAPI people cast their votes in 2016.

Latino Life by the Numbers

A new book shows how this growing demographic votes, goes to school, consumes entertainment–and a lot more.

Five Local and State Races to Watch on Election Day

It’s an off year for elections, but there are some important races you should be following.

Where Will a Next Generation Emerge in Black Electoral Politics?

Four years ago youth of color–and African Americans in particular–played a larger role than they had in generations. Will that generation continue to vote, organize and even find their way into key campaign roles in such significant numbers?

Five Million Voters May Lose Rights in the 2012 Elections

Two states in the Super Tuesday primaries–Georgia and Tennessee–are part of a wave of states that created troubling voting laws following the Tea Party Republican victories of 2010.

The Wealthy One Percent That's Behind Minnesota's Voter ID Push

The perennial swing state’s wealthiest finance institutions and conservative political operatives are banding together to disenfranchise millions of voters, according to a new report.

Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank Execs Funding Pols Behind Minnesota Voter ID Push

TakeAction Minnesota says that executives from Minnesota’s three largest banks–Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and TC–have bankrolled the politicians who are working to restrict voter rights in the state.

Obama Recess Appointments: Enough for AFL-CIO Endorsement?

Insiders say Obama’s recent appointments may give the country’s largest labor union the necessary cover to endorse President Obama.

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About New Restrictive Voting Laws

As restrictive new voter registration laws sweep the country, advocates are pressuring the Justice department to step in.