Voter Suppression

Voters in Predominantly Black Ohio Suburb Forced to Cast Provisional Ballots

A number of residents in Forest Park, a predominantly black suburb outside Cincinnati, are reporting they’re being forced to cast provisional ballots because records incorrectly show they already submitted an absentee-ballot.

The state Board of Election says the issue was caused by a “human error” but Forest Park residents–65% of them who are black–will still have to file a provisional ballot

Sheriff Deputies, Poll Worker Harass Latinos in Swing State Colorado

Colorado’s Latino voters could well decide this election–but some will have to overcome harassment to cast their ballots.

Ready to Vote? Rampant Suppression Threatens Already Tight Race

There are plenty more threats to the vote than there are days left to cast your ballot.

Why Vote? Because You Can Shift Power in the United States

For some people of color, voting may be a matter of life and death.

Suppression Surges as Election Nears

With a week-and-a-half left until Election Day, voter suppression schemes slam swing states.

Anonymous Funder Pulls 'Voter Fraud' Billboards Rather Than Reveal Itself

After widespread outrage, Clear Channel finally invoked its policy against anonymous political ads.

Pa. Voters Won't Have to Show ID, but Poll Workers Can Still Ask For It

The situation’s still complicated in Pennsylvania.

Woman Acting for El Paso County, Co. Clerk's Office Only Registering Republicans [Video]

The short video shows a young woman identifying herself as an El Paso County, Co. Clerk’s Office who is there only to hand out registration forms to likely Romney voters.

Watch Kerry Washington's Powerful DNC Speech on Threats to Women's Rights

Actress Kerry Washington’s speech at the DNC.

The Racial Politics Behind the Right Wing's Poll-Watching

A new report from the Brennan Center for Justice spells out the hyper-partisan and racially charged impact of efforts to police the polls in November.

Federal Court Removes New Restrictions on Voter Registration Groups

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Florida issued an order to permanently remove a new restriction that would have made it harder for voter registration groups to register new voters.

Infographic: True the Vote's Spreading Campaign to Intimidate Voters in 2012

An interactive map of how one Tea Party group is moving the voter fraud meme inside far right and Republican Party politics.

Voter Suppression in the Land of Enchantment

George Lujan, the latest community journalist to join Voting Rights Watch, reports from New Mexico, where the state’s busy frustrating registration efforts and prepping a massive voter purge.