Voter ID Laws

Rethinking Racial Justice Law a Year After the Gutting of the Voting Rights Act

One year after the Supreme Court found Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, a group of lawyers are learning new ways to protect people of color.

North Carolina Clergy Jailed While Praying for '21st Century George Wallace' Governor

Seventeen arrests were made at a North Carolina protest.

North Carolina Students Protest Harsh Voter ID Bill

North Carolina’s Republican-dominated legislature passed the Voter Information Verification Act through its House chamber Wednesday. If the bill passes the Senate, it would only need the governor’s signature to make it mandatory for voters to show photo identification in order to cast a ballot. The governor, Pat McCroy (R), has indicated he intends to sign it into law.

North Carolina GOP Unleashes Hardcore Voter ID Package

The state’s Republicans also want to sack early voting and institute felony disenfranchisement.

Arkansas Overrides Governor's Veto to Pass Voter ID Law

Arkansas is one of two states that have passed restrictive voter bills this year.

Virginia Passes Stricter Voter ID Law Than Voter ID Law They Passed Last Year

The law will have to be approved by the Department of Justice or U.S. District Court.

North Carolina: A Case for the Voting Rights Act's Modern Relevance

As the Supreme Court weighs whether the feds should maintain oversight in Southern election law, North Carolina proves why the answer is obviously yes.

Virginia Legislators Approve Voter ID Law, May Kill Chances for Federal Bailout

Will Virginia be the latest case for proving why the Voting Rights Act is still needed?

Penn State Professor Compares Voter ID Laws to KKK Tactics

A professor at Pennsylvania State University compared the push for voter ID laws to methods employed by the KKK to suppress people of color from voting.

Why Were There Long Voting Lines in 2012? Virginia Holds Answers

A congressional hearing seeks to find out what caused so much turmoil on Election Day.

Rep. Elijah Cummings Launches True the Vote Investigation

True the Vote will have difficult time harassing voters with Congress watching them at the polls.

Pennsylvania GOP Leader Insists Voter ID Opposition Is About 'Lazy' Voters

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe says judge who blocked the state’s voter ID law yesterday enables the “entitlement mentality” and people who live off others’ labor.

Pa. Voters Won't Have to Show ID, but Poll Workers Can Still Ask For It

The situation’s still complicated in Pennsylvania.

Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped After Ann Coulter Tries To Tell Her About Black People

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg confronted Ann Coulter over the topic of race and ended up cursing her out and accusing her of not knowing what she was talking about.