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Kris Kobach, in for Political Comeuppance?

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, with his penchant for hardline anti-immigration policy and reputation for picking, and winning, fights against the invented bogeyman of voter fraud, is in an unexpectedly heated race for re-election against Democratic challenger and former state Sen. Jean Schodorf.

Two Republican Leaders Give Up on Voter ID

Sen. Rand Paul and Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett throw in the towel on voter ID

Arkansas Becomes Fourth State For Voter ID Court Defeat

Arkansas joins Pennsylvania, Missouri and Texas in voter ID court defeats.

Federal Judge Says His Voter ID Approval Was a Mistake, Then Takes it Back

A federal judge says he made a mistake when he gave voter ID laws a legal green light, but is now pumping the brakes.

Colin Powell To N. Carolina Gov.: Your Voter ID Law Punishes Minorities

Powell reads North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, calls BS on his voter fraud claims.

Artur Davis Wants Voting Rights Restored for Former Felony Offenders

Is the former congressman who once supported voter ID laws changing his tune?

Activists Rally Around Rosanell Eaton as NC Voter ID Becomes Law

Yesterday, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed what’s been called the most restrictive voter ID bill in the nation into law.

Pa. GOP Chair Credits Voter ID With Cutting Obama Voters

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians lack ID to vote under new law. Republican chair says that was good for his party.

Watch Kerry Washington's Powerful DNC Speech on Threats to Women's Rights

Actress Kerry Washington’s speech at the DNC.

Jon Stewart Takes on Rick Scott's Voter Suppression in Florida [Video]

Check out the ‘Florida’ tag page to get the latest on voter suppression in Florida.

Florida Judge Blocks Restrictive Voter Registration Law

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle’s injunction comes at a critical moment.

Amazon Ditches the Conservative Public Policy Group ALEC

Amazon became the 16th company to announce that it has dropped ALEC since ColorOfChange launched its campaign targeting ALEC’s corporate sponsors.

Attorney General Eric Holder Says He's Ready to Protect Voters

And he’ll have to back up his words in 2012.

Wisconsin Special Elections Preview 2012's Voting Rights Showdown

Millions of black and Latino voters may be turned away from polls in states that have passed or are weighing strict new photo ID rules. Watchdogs say its the culmination of Republican’s decade-long effort to manufacture a voter fraud problem.

Wisconsin Set to Pass Country's Most Restrictive Voter ID Law

As more bills sweep across the country, concern is growing over the GOP’s push to fix a problem that, statistically, just doesn’t exist.

Why Wisconsin GOP Is Keen on Voter IDs

Jeff Chang points out it’s because youth organizing was so key for Wisc. Dems from 2004 to 2008.

Wisconsin Leads on 2012 Campaign Tricks with Voter ID Law

Dozens of states are already gearing up efforts to surpress voting among people of color and youth.