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Women Inmates

Report: National Movement to Reduce U.S. Prison Population Has Largely Ignored Women

Women’s incarceration rates in 35 states have outpaced men’s since 1978, according to a new study from the Prison Policy Initiative.

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11 Cities to Provide Free Legal Defense for Immigrants During Deportation Hearings

A recent study shows that having representation can improve an immigrant’s chances of staying Stateside more than tenfold. A new program from The Vera Institute of Justice aims to give everyone a fair shot.

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STUDY: How 'Status Offenses' Push Students of Color, Queer Kids Into Criminal Justice System

“Kids who are already less privileged—in how they are perceived and in their access to services—are more likely to have their misbehavior criminalized.”

Women sleep in beds in an institutional setting

REPORT: Women Are Landing in Local Jails At An Alarming Rate

And those inmates are disproportionately Black and Latinx. A new study explores how incarceration impacts their lives—and their families.