Billy Porter. Black man in white-brimmed black hat in black and white outfit.

WATCH: 'Pose' Star Billy Porter Says He Stands Up For 'Little Black Sissy Boys'

Porter in his “Actors on Actors” interview: “The ones who are told that their existence on the planet is unworthy, they’re unworthy of living.”

Mindy Kaling. South Asian woman with black hair and shirt posts on magazine cover in front of grey background and behind white text spelling "VARIETY" and yellow text spelling "SUNDANCE 2019"

Mindy Kaling On Creating Opportunities in Hollywood

“For many years, I thought that hard work was the only way you could succeed, but it’s simply not true. Particularly if you’re a woman of color, you need people to give you opportunities.”

Issa Rae. Black woman in green and grey dress speaks into black microphone on stand with white sign and back text reading "HOLLYWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE" in front of black microphone and background with white text on screen

Issa Rae Inks Production Deal to Uplift Marginalized Screenwriters

The “Insecure” creator’s new agreement with Columbia Pictures will provide support for emerging writers working on feature projects. 

Viola Davis smiles in black afro and dress in front of green plants

Viola Davis Critiques Hollywood's Pay Gap for Women of Color

The star stuns on the cover of Variety. Inside, she calls out the pay inequity between women of color and their White counterparts.

Black woman with brown hair in yellow dress in front of purple wall with pink text

Janet Mock Hopes 'Pose' Changes Hollywood for Trans POC Artists

“I knew with ‘Pose,’ I would hold the pen, writing narratives that would show the totality of what it meant to be Brown and Black, to be trans and poor and femme in an era in New York City dictated by a series of ills, from HIV and gentrification to crack and greed.”

Black woman with black hair in brown and blue and white dress sits in front of grey wall

WATCH: Tarana Burke On How to Support the #MeToo Movement

The activist discussed the future of the movement for sexual violence survivors with Variety. 

Black man in black tuxedo with purple socks and white shirt on brown couch next to gold statue on green glass table in front of beige wall

Sterling K. Brown Hopes Emmy Win Opens Door for More Black Actors

Brown discusses his historic win in the “Lead Actor in a Drama Series” category in a new Variety cover story.

Black woman with brown hair in pink light; Black man with navy tuxedo in blue and pink light

READ: Zendaya and John Boyega's Most Revealing Quotes About Racism From Their 'Variety' Cover Profiles

The “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Detroit” actors feature in two of three cover stories for Variety’s new “Power of Young Hollywood” issue.

Black woman in white dress holding brown plaque with gold border and gold text and red-pink star against brown podium with gold text and red star with black, brown and white storefronts in background

Viola Davis Earns First Walk of Fame Star of 2017

“My life is good,” Davis said at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. We agree.

Black woman in red dress looking down next to White man in black jacket looking left against grey background

WATCH: Viola Davis Speaks Truth About the Marginalization of Black Film

The “Fences” star candidly addressed inclusion in film and television in at conversation with Tom Hanks for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series.

Marvin Gaye in denim jacket and red hat at black piano

Marvin Gaye's Family Approves New Documentary

“Marvin, What’s Going On?” is the first documentary supported by the singer’s children and ex-wife.

Kerry Washington on left with white pattened dress and Aziz Ansari on right with blue blazer and open mouth

WATCH: Kerry Washington and Aziz Ansari Trade Racist Casting Horror Stories

The two stars were paired for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series.