Close-up of two pregnant, Black prison inmates as they stand behind bars with the orange  uniforms raised to show their pregnancies.

States Consider Ban on Shackling Incarcerated People During Childbirth

The American Civil Liberties Union estimates that roughly 12,000 pregnant women are jailed in the United States each year.

White poster with black text and image of Black man set against black nighttime background

Films About Michael Brown, Roxanne Shanté Featured in 2017 Sundance Lineup

These films will bring issues of racial justice and emergent voices of color to Park City.

Utah Police Kill More People than Gang Members

More attention is being paid, nationally, to police use of force

Utah's Athletic Director Goes on YouTube to Ask if Native Logo is Offensive

The University of Utah’s team is named after the Ute Indian Tribe and the athletic director wants your feedback on headdresses and tomahawks at games.

Three Interesting Facts About Communities of Color in Utah Before Republican Primary

A look at the State’s emerging communities of color before the Republican Primary.

Hundreds Of Mormons March in Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade [Photos]

The group, Mormons Building Bridges, said they wanted to send a message of love to the state’s LGBT community, a message they believe is compatible with their faith.

Judge Blocks Utah's Immigration Laws

A U.S. District Judge has issued a temporary injunction against the state’s SB 1070 copycat law.

Lawsuit: The Utah Compact Is Unconstitutional, Just Like SB 1070

It may sound nicer than Arizona, but don’t be fooled by the pretty language.

Utah Student Accused of Wearing KKK-Like Hood at School Rally

Another race story gets spun as a case of individual choice rather than institutional accountability.

New Bills Don't Make Utah the 'Anti-Arizona' on Immigration

Activists in the state argue a new guest worker program won’t be enough to mitigate harsher enforcement.

Utah Reviews Legal Status of Immigrants on Hit List

Looks like the state’s letting xenophobes prevail.

Utah's Not An Anomaly

At least 70 percent of identity theft starts with employees stealing personal data.

Utah State Employee Identified in Immigration Hit List

There’s finally a name in the case of Utah’s immigration hit list: Teresa Bassett.

A person familiar with the case identified Bassett as a computer specialist in the Utah Department of Workforce Services and said she’s responsible for releasing a hit list of 1,300 suspected undocumented immigrants to officials at ICE and media outlets last week.

Utah State Employee Fired For Releasing 1,300 Names To Press

Gov. Herbert called the worker’s scheming to get inside private government databases “methodical, thoughtful, very planned.”

Utah Expands Its Listgate Investigation

Eight more Utah state employees are under investigation for their possible involvement in leaking a 29-page document containing the personal information of 1,300 Utah residents, some of whom are undocumented.

Two State Workers Busted For Utah Immigrant Hit List

Officials say they cracked a state database to cull names and personal information of Latinos they sent to media and ICE.

Utah Gov: State Database Was Breached

Governor says a state database in the Department of Workforce Services was breached to create a list of 1,300 Latinos accused of being undocumented.

Utah Immigrant Hit List Stirs Government Distrust

Community leaders cite rising anxieties after names and personal info are released in a list many believe to be generated by someone inside state government.

Utah Group Sends 1,300 Latino Names, Personal Info to Press

Update @ 3:00p ET: Scroll down to read the full text of the two letters sent to media, elected officials and law enforcement. The original letter’s signers, identified only as “Concerned Citizens of the United States,” vow to continue tracking people they believe to be undocumented immigrants and to send out more personal info on those people.