Use of Force

Close-up of a body camera on a White police officer wearing a jacket with a badge that says Jones.

STUDY: Body Cameras Make No Detectable Difference in Police Use of Force

More than 1,000 law enforcement officers were randomly assigned body cameras to see if the technology has any effect on how they use force.

Yellow police tape on ground reads, "Do not cross."

SCOTUS Hears Case on the Use of Force in Law Enforcement

County of Los Angeles v. Mendez asks: Should officers be held liable when they cause a situation that leads to the use of force?

Yellow police tape and broken glass in the grass

DOJ Announces Plan to Track Police Use of Force

The agency plans to launch a pilot program by early 2017.

Police officers in riot gear

Police Commission Orders More Transparency for LAPD

The civilian board voted to revise the Los Angeles Police Department’s de-escalation, use of force and officer-involved shooting video release policies.

Police officers stand in front of a crowd of protestors holdling signs

Baltimore's New Police Use of Force Policy Goes Into Effect Today

ACLU of Maryland attorney David Rocah says it still has “significant problems.”

Utah Police Kill More People than Gang Members

More attention is being paid, nationally, to police use of force