U.S. Social Forum

U.S. Social Forum on Why Progressive Politics Matter

Thousands of change makers converged on Detroit for the U.S. Social Forum this week. ColorLines set up a camera and asked them why.

U.S. Social Forum: Foreclosures Still the Story in Detroit

Bombed out houses and unemployment lines; empty factories and empty lots. These are the images that have come to animate Detroit’s decline, its deep and deepening depression.

U.S. Social Forum: Getting Started in the Streets

Thousands of marchers streamed through the Detroit streets for three miles yesterday to open the U.S. Social Forum. Today, activists from across the country continue rolling into the humid Detroit heat on bikes, in buses, in packed vans and by air to get the conference moving.

I’ll be posting to Racewire for the rest of week with stories from Detroit and from the Social forum. Today I’ll be looking at the impact of the predatory mortgage crisis and what groups here are doing to fight back.

Fixing the World at the U.S. Social Forum

Forget Davos. The future will be created in Detroit, where 20,000 progressives convene this week.