United States Supreme Court

2020 Census Protest. Outside of the Supreme Court, protestors hold up signs reading, "Count me in."

UPDATE: 2020 Census Started Printing, Sans Citizenship Question, But Trump Administration Won't Let It Go

While the Department of Commerce confirmed it had conceded on the question, Trump—via tweet—and later officials, in a federal court, claimed they are looking for ways around the Supreme Court decision that found the citizenship question unconstitutional.

The outside of the Supreme Court

SCOTUS To Make Landmark Decision on Abortion This Week

The conservative majority Court could effectively overturn Roe v. Wade as it rules on a Louisiana law. 

U.S. Supreme Court Will Decide If Obama Abused His Power With Immigration Executive Order

Obama created DAPA, a program that would halt the deportation of some undocumented parents, through an executive order last year. The program has been in limbo due to legal challenges from 26 states. Now, the Supreme Court is getting involved.