United Farm Workers

Close up shot of Brown woman with hair wrapped in a scarf outside in a field. A farmworker is bent over behind her.

Meet Maria Moreno: The First Farm Worker Woman in America To Be Hired As A Union Organizer

A new documentary tells the story of the migrant mother of 12 children who was the first female farm worker in America elected to represent her peers.

A farm worker labors in a field southeast of Bakersfield, California, one of the nation's most important agricultural and oil producing areas. Mass food production has brought heavy use of pesticides that have sickened area workers and residents.

Latinx Farmworkers and Health Groups File Petition for EPA to Ban Pesticide

Chlorpyrifos is typically not allowed for home use—so why is it OK on farms?

'Chávez,' Brought to You by Budweiser

This struggle’s for you?

Yes, Cesar Chavez Called Strikebreakers 'Wetbacks'

Just like everyone else, Chavez had his contradictions.