Danny Glover in a black cap

Actor and Activist Danny Glover on Why He's Marching With Black Nissan Workers

Danny Glover, Bernie Sanders and NAACP president Cornell Brooks will participate in a massive march with Canton, Mississippi, Nissan factory workers trying to unionize. Glover sat down with Colorlines to talk about the Nissan issue, his alliance with Sanders and why race should never, ever trump class.

Man in suit surrounded by protestors in office

WATCH: Activists Explain Why Proposed 'Right-to-Work' Bill Is Bad Business

Good Jobs Nation wants you to know why it thinks Representative Joe Wilson’s “Right to Work” undermines unions and the workers who depend on them.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: College Athletes, Unite

Calls college athletes’ effort to unionize “a necessary step”

When Good Union Jobs Were White

Labor is trying to reconcile with its racist past, but is it enough?

What's Different About Fast Food Worker Strikes This Thursday?

Workers plan civil disobedience and hope to add home care workers to their fight

Why Today's SCOTUS Decision In Harris v. Quinn Matters

Public sector jobs have been crucial for the upward mobility of African-Americans and women

What's a Union For?

For their struggling communities, young workers of color are demanding more from their unions

Northwestern Football Players Face Steep Climb to Union

Things aren’t looking good in Evanston.

UConn Wins National Championship, Star Player 'Goes To Bed Starving'

The fight to unionize college athletes marches on.

Common Performs for Black Workers in the South

Friday’s concert also features veteran activist Danny Glover

Can Big Labor Organize the South?

Not without majorly including black workers, immigrants and women of color.

Workers Say No to Union in the South

Auto workers’ vote likely lowers the chances of successfully organizing southern workers.

For First Time Ever, College Football Players Organize to Unionize

The effort, if successful, could re-make college sports.

Walmart Employees Stage Nationwide Protest

Demonstrations in protest of low wages and employee terminations are expected in 15 cities nationwide.

Urban Radio Ads Ask African-Americans to Support Immigration

The 60-second ad aimed at African-Americans is airing on urban radio stations across the country.

Michigan Police Don Riot Gear and Pepper Spray As Workers Protest Anti-Union Laws

Pro-union protesters in Lansing today were met by Michigan State Police in riot gear and wielding pepper spray.

Michigan Poised to Become 24th 'Right-to-Work' State

It’s payback time for Michigan’s Republicans.