Why Young, Black Men Can't Work

It’s not just criminal records. The job market for recent high school graduates is shaped profoundly by race and gender.

Why Don't We Raise More Hell About Unemployment?

This crisis seems to be missing something that its scale would indicate is needed: a sense of national urgency about the dire state of unemployment.

Why Today's Unemployment Number Isn't So Great After All

The reason why the unemployment rate seems to be the best since 2008 is that so many Americans have given up looking for work.

The Grinches Who Stole Jobless Benefits

And may further wreck the whole economy in the process.

The Illegal Background-Check Boom

Employers are increasingly skirting the law with hiring bans on people with criminal records–a trend that has been devastating for black and Latino workers.

Another Gloomy Jobs Report, as D.C. Budget Battle Bumbles Along

Another example of the massive gap between reality and the discussion in the Beltway.

98 Percent Pass Indiana's Job Training Drug Tests

The state has spent thousands of dollars to prevent 23 applicants that tested positive for drug use from joining the program.

What's Holding Up Job Creation in Washington? Let's Find Out

Colorlines’ D.C. reporter/blogger Shani O. Hilton will spend the summer blogging out the institutional and political hurdles, and the overlooked solutions.

Despite Gains, Job Drought Continues for Workers of Color

While official stats say that unemployment is at a two-year low, that number doesn’t take into account people who’ve simply given up.

Have Behavioral Economists Ever Met a Poor Person?

It’s no secret that America’s safety net is quickly evaporating.

D.C.'s Trading Games Leave Jobless Workers Out

While jobless workers wait for relief, the White House compromises away any hopes.

Asian Long-Term Unemployment Ticks Up in California

In California, Asian Americans may suffer relatively low rates of unemployment, but a surprising number of them tend to stay stuck in that hole for a long time.

Health Care and the "Model Minority Myth"

There’s a physical risk in believing the hype.

Poor, Jobless, and Getting out the Vote

Labor hopes to make the unemployed their own political interest group.

Lawmakers Prepare for Showdown Over Jobs

Democrats and Republicans spend the congressional recess getting ready to blame each other for the recession that will surely still be with us come November.

Farm Workers Dare Xenophobes to Take Jobs

But mind the fine print: It’s temp work with barely legal pay, perfectly legal overtime exemption and you’ll probably get heat stroke.

Race Drives Jobless Numbers in Worst-Hit Cities

The unemployment rate varies wildly across different regions. But there’s one consistent pattern throughout: to find the people hurting the most, look to the neighborhoods where Black and brown people live.