undocumented students

Los Angeles Public Schools Open for Child Migrants

It’s not just goodwill. It’s the law.

Alabama Schools Caught Discriminating Against Undocumented Kids

The Southern Poverty Law Center found that 96 of the state’s 134 school districts were violating federal law.

Kansas Legislator Attempts Alabama HB 56 Redux with Bill to Track Undocumented Students

Kansas state Rep. Allan Rothlisberg wants to know how much money his state is spending to educate undocumented students.

National Bill Would Make College More Affordable for Undocumented Students

In the form of the ‘IN-STATE for DREAMers Act’

Gov. Christie Celebrates Newly Signed New Jersey DREAM Act

It’s official.

Sergio Garcia Will Become California's First Publicly Known Undocumented Lawyer

Garcia will become one of the state’s newest attorneys five years after passing the California state bar.

New Jersey DREAM Act Moves Forward Despite Christie's Veto Threat

The bill moves to the Assembly floor next week.

Correction: The Common App Hasn't Changed Its College Application Materials for Undocumented Students

The common college application accepted by more than 400 colleges will stop discriminating against undocumented students, starting this fall.

Mass. Becomes 13th State to Allow Some Undocumented Students to Pay In-State Tuition

The decision will cut tuition fees by about 50 percent for undocumented students attending state colleges.

L.A. City Council Committee Unanimously Approves ID Cards for Undocumented Immigrants

A “key vote” to move ahead with the official city ID cards.

Photos: 'Undocumented and Unfraid' UndocuBus Riders Watching Obama's DNC Speech

On Thursday evening about 20 Undocubus riders who traveled from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte met at a local church to watch President Obama deliver his acceptance speech.

Jan Brewer Orders Arizona DREAMers Barred From Public Benefits

The Arizona governor is at it again.

Advocates Launch Fund to Help DREAMers Pay $465 'Deferred Action' Fee

This represents the first step for more than a million DREAMers to pursue higher education, meaningful employment, and a chance to contribute to this country’s future.

Obama Comes Out Against Undocumented Law School Grad's Lawyer Dreams

Sergio Garcia graduated from law school and passed the bar, but he’s undocumented. And he’s not alone.

TIME Mag' New Immigration Cover Story: 'We Are Americans - Just Not Legally'

Jose Antonio Vargas is on the cover of the new issue of TIME Magazine.

The Undocumented Attorney, an Oxymoron for Our DREAMless Days

States grapple with whether or not to allow undocumented immigrants to practice law. Can the rest of the nation handle it?

Georgia's Statewide Undocumented Students College Ban Fails

The bill, which also included HB 56-like provisions that would have blocked immigrants’ access to basic utilities, died.