Undocumented Immigrants

L.A. City Council Committee Unanimously Approves ID Cards for Undocumented Immigrants

A “key vote” to move ahead with the official city ID cards.

Mississippi Joins Lawsuit to Sue Obama Admin Over Deferred Action

Kris Kobach is keeping himself busy with more lawsuits.

Obama Approves 'Small Group' of 72k Deferred Action Applications

The Obama administration has received an estimated 72,000 Deferred Action applications from young undocumented immigrants seeking to avoid deportation and get a work permit since the program started Aug. 15.

Photos: 'Undocumented and Unfraid' UndocuBus Riders Watching Obama's DNC Speech

On Thursday evening about 20 Undocubus riders who traveled from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte met at a local church to watch President Obama deliver his acceptance speech.

Rosario Dawson Calls DNC Immigration Demonstrators 'Soldiers of the Battle' [Video]

On Tuesday, actress Rosario Dawson, who had been at a nearby forum on immigration, walked over and showed her support for Undocubus demonstrators who traveled from Arizona to Charlotte to urge the Obama administration to stop criminalizing immigrant communities.

Undocubus: A Journey From Arizona to the DNC [Video]

Colorlines.com’s Aura Bogado traveled with Undocubus and brings you her reporter’s notebook.

Undocumented Immigrants in New Orleans Fear Isaac and Deportation

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans saw a surge of new undocumented immigrants in the city that were drawn by the high paying construction jobs.

TIME Mag' New Immigration Cover Story: 'We Are Americans - Just Not Legally'

Jose Antonio Vargas is on the cover of the new issue of TIME Magazine.

Calif. Court to Decide if Undocumented Immigrant Can Practice Law

The California Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to consider whether an undocumented Mexican immigrant who attended law school and passed the State Bar can practice law