Man holds sign reading "ABOLISH WAGE SLAVERY" while standing alongside other protesters in Manhattan

Undocumented Café Employees Fight Exploitation in 'The Hand That Feeds'

The documentary, part of the “America ReFramed” series, airs tonight on World Channel.

Waples Mobile Home Community Soccer Field with green sign

Latino Immigrant Families File Discrimination Suit Against Mobile Home Company

Four families living in Fairfax County, Virginia’s Waples Mobile Home Park say that the park and its managment company mistreated them after discovering some family members’ undocumented status. 

New Website Helps Undocumented Immigrant Women Exercise Their Rights

StepForward tackles immigration issues that directly impact women.

Child Makes It To Popemobile, Asks Francis to Assist in Family's Immigration Case

A five-year-old somehow made it past an epic blockade in Washington, D.C. to deliver the visiting Pope a pro-immigration reform message. 

'Illegal Immigrant Barbie' is as Bad as it Sounds

The doll illustrates some of the most offensive myths about undocumented immigrant women.

Undocumented Living? There's an App for That

Ten Droid apps that may prove especially helpful if you’re undocumented.

Aloe Blacc's New Video is Undocumented and Unafraid

Alex Rivera directs the moving video.

New Report Illustrates Obstacles for Transgender Immigrants

Being undocumented and transgender poses unique and difficult circumstances for immigrants in the U.S.

'No Papers, No Fear' Undocubus Destroyed in Los Angeles

‘No Papers, No Fear’ organizers are fundraising to repair the Undocubus so they can get back on the road.

Why Does Google Translate Mistranslate and Use the I-Word?

Google Translate incorrectly and offensively mistranslates “undocumented” to “illegal.”