Black woman in black shirt next to Black man in blue suit next to Black woman in yellow dress next to Black man in light blue shirt against white background with black, brown and white logos

REPORT: Hollywood Still Needs More People of Color On and Off Screen

Key findings from the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies’ new report on representation and erasure in television and film.

STUDY: White People Think Men With 'Black-Sounding' Names Are Scary

Lead author Colin Holbrook: “I’ve never been so disgusted by my own data.”

Hundreds Of UCLA Students Protest 'Kanye Western' Fraternity Party

Nearly 200 students chanted “Black Bruins Matter” during a protest Thursday afternoon over a “Kanye Western” fraternity party where attendees were alleged to have donned blackface. 

More Alleged Greek Life Racism, This Time At UCLA

Because you’ve heard a variation on this story too many times, we’re breaking down everything you need to know. 

For Asian-American Men, A New Definition of Sexy

Comedian Kristina Wong had some tips for this year’s college grads.

Angela Davis Returns to UCLA 45 Years After Being Fired

Davis taught her first class at UCLA on October 6, 1969. Two days later, she was axed.

Live Chat: Dear White People and Black Student Activists Talk Race on College Campuses

Black students have spoken up all over social media about campus racism. Today we’re gathering together to chat about it together.

Racial Harassment Picks Up After Video About Being Black at UCLA Law School

UCLA Law School Dean admits the campus has “racial issues.”

How Did Sexist, Anti-Asian Posters Wind Up USC and UCLA?

Students on both campuses are speaking out.

How Does It Feel to Be a Black Student at UCLA Law School? [Video]

As if law school weren’t hard enough. Black UCLA Law School students speak out about the school’s lack of racial diversity.

UCLA Will Investigate Black Judge's Complaint of Excessive Force

His attorney asked: “Do you think this would have happened if he was a white judge?”

Watch Black Students Call out UCLA for Lack of Diversity

Poet and activist Sy Stokes says, ‘This school is not diverse because you put it on a pamphlet.’

UCLA Student Body Drops the I-Word

The decision was made, in part, as a sign of respect to the school’s undocumented students.

UCLA DREAMers Walk Out on Napolitano [Video]

UCLA students protest Janet Napolitano.

UC President is Seriously Considering Students' Plan That Eliminates Tuition

Students could study at universities like UCLA and UC Berkeley and it wouldn’t cost them a dime while they’re in school.

Students Are the Real Heroes in UCLA's "Asians in the Library" Saga

They used a personal attack to push for institutional change.

Can Alexandra Wallace Yell Racism in a Crowded Library? [Reader Forum]

A UCLA student’s viral video sets off heated conversation about free speech, and well-meaning people fighting racism with sexism.

Alexandra Wallace's Anti-Asian Rant Draws...Misogyny and Death Threats

Some of the most popular comedic riffs on the UCLA student’s infamous viral video are as sexist as she was racist.

Alexandra Wallace Says Sorry for "Asians in the Library" YouTube Rant

“I cannot explain what possessed me,” writes the student who’s racist video went viral over the weekend.

UCLA Student's Viral Video Rant: "Hordes" of Asians Annoy Me in Library

“I swear they’re just going through their whole families, just checking on everyone from the tsunami thing–I mean, I know, that sounds horrible…”