Everyone Stopped Tweeting During Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston Tribute

At the height of the live Grammys broadcast there were 10,901 tweets per second… except during Jennifer Hudson’s performance.

Chris Brown Fans Tweet 'He Can Beat Me' During Grammys

Chris Brown fans say they want to get beat by him on Twitter and show the sad reality of the cycle of violence.

@MexicanMitt 200 Tweets Away From Out-Tweeting the Real Mitt Romney

“@MexicanMitt” Twitter account mocks Romney’s courtship of Latino voters.

What Colorist Tweet Memes Miss: It's #TeamStructuralRacism

Tweet memes like #TeamLightSkin are the latest example of our insistence that skin-tone obsession is just personal preference. It’s not. Research shows just how much it shapes our lives.

Friday Twitter Break: War, Hip-Hop, and Lots of Bite

Oh, and don’t forget to register for Facing Race!

Friday Twitter Break: Meet the Brown Twitter Bird

Because not all black folks Tweet the same.

Friday Twitter Break: We'll 'Oilwells' Love BP.

With regards to the Dolly Parton song.

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Blacks and Latinos Using Twitter to Sound Off, Organize [SXSW VIDEO]

While the digital divide is very real and affects low income and folks of color in negative ways, that doesn’t mean these groups aren’t engaging with emerging social media platforms like Twitter.