Eddie Huang Responds to 'Fresh Off the Boat's' Racist Tweet

Maybe he was right all along.

'Boondocks' Creator Aaron McGruder to Produce New Show Called 'Black Jesus'

The show will debut later this year on “Adult Swim.”

Seven-Year-Old Aspiring Rapper Mir Money Breaks Down on 'America's Got Talent'

Leave it to Howard Stern to make a 7-year old cry.

Eva Longoria Defends New TV Series She's Producing on Latina Maids

The show centers around four Latina maids in Beverly Hills with stories that Longoria says are worth telling.

Magic Johnson is Bringing 'Soul Train' Back [Video]

Magic Johnson, who once appeared on “Soul Train” himself, is bringing the show back to television.

Magic Johnson to Launch 24-hour Channel with 'Uplifting Images of African Americans'

Magic Johnson is preparing to launch Aspire, a 24-hour channel with a focus on what Johnson called positive, uplifting images of African Americans.

Pat Buchanan: Days as Analyst at MSNBC Have 'Come to an End'

In an essay, he cited “an incessant clamor from the left” as the reason for his departure.

Actress Lisa Chan Apologizes for Anti-Chinese Hoekstra Ad

Lisa Chan, the 21-year-old actress who appeared in Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra’s anti-Chinese campaign released an apology Wednesday.

Ads Airing on Fox News: Keep 'Legal' Immigrants Out Too [Video]

A conservative group has launched a campaign to get the Federal government to limit the number of foreign workers that are allowed to enter the country with worker visas.

Michelle Obama Can Do A Lot More Push-Ups than Jimmy Fallon [Video]

First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance on Tuesday night’s “Late Night” and got in to a friendly competition with host Jimmy Fallon.

Ameena Matthews Tells Colbert Why It's Important to Save Black Lives in Chicago[Video]

Ameena Matthews, one of the “violence interrupters” who works with Chicago-based anti-violence group CeaseFire, was a guest on the “Colbert Report” Wednesday night and held her ground firm in the interview.

Sasha and Malia Think the President Singing is 'Highly Embarrassing' [Video]

Jay Leno got the First Lady to talk red velvet cake and how the girls wants the President to stop singing in public.

Charles Barkley Presents 'White People Problems' on SNL [Video]

Charles Barkley made his third outing as host of Saturday Night Live.