In an airport, a red sign with white writing that says "Security Checkpoint"

Airport Racism Has Stolen My Joy of Flying

For Nikko Viquiera, air travel once symbolized freedom. But racist and anti-immigrant sentiment has turned flying into a nightmare for this recent immigrant from The Philippines.

Brown man in glasses and blue shirt in front of white screen with blue and yellow world maps and white text in foreground

WATCH: The Kominas Lampoons TSA, Border Profiling Questions in New 'Freedom' Music Video

“Do you prefer spicy food to non-spicy food?”

Woman in blue shirt and pink hijab against brown brick wall with white lettering

This New Video Rebukes Politicians Who Make Terrorism Muslim Americans' Responsibility

Fusion’s Yasmin Nouh says that both major parties are guilty of placing the burden on American Muslims to combat terrorism.

Justice Department Updates Racial Profiling Rules--With Big Exceptions

The Department of Homeland Security hold onto key exemptions.

Hari Kondabolu Demands TSA Reparations

Another reason to watch “Totally Biased.”

Solange Knowles' TSA Afro Pat Down Disaster

Beyoncé Knowles’ younger sister was forced to an afro pat down by TSA agents at a Miami airport.

30 TSA Officers Report Racial Profiling at Boston's Logan Airport

Turns out that it’s not so easy to be “race-neutral” in an already flawed program.

Black Women Object to TSA's Airport Hair Pat Downs

The women say that they’re unfairly targeted for additional screening at the nation’s airports.

New TSA Screening Guidelines Anger Sikh Travelers

Since Sept. 11, Sikhs have increasingly become targets of racial profiling.