O.C. Sheriff's Department Admits to Violating TRUST Act

Will Samuel Sixtos-Gomez be deported for driving without a license?

Justin Bieber Faces Possible Deportation for Egging Crimes

A felony crime is a deportable offense? Eggsactly.

Brown Signs Bills Increasing Protections for California Immigrants

On Saturday CA Gov. Jerry Brown signed the ‘TRUST Act’ into law, which prohibits local law enforcement from detaining immigrants who have not committed serious crimes.

Day Laborers Denounce Governor Brown's Veto of TRUST Act

The TRUST Act could have been a significant blow to the Secure Communities program because over a quarter of ‘S-Comm deportations’ are currently from California.

Calif. Gov Protects Some Immigrant Families, Leaves Others Out in the Cold

The bills, inspired in part by’s Shattered Families investigation, take steps to stop U.S. citizen children from getting stuck in foster care if their parents are detained and deported.

Undocubus Headed to Calif. to Urge Gov. Brown to Sign TRUST Act

The governor has until September 30 to sign or veto the bill, which supporters call an anti-Arizona bill.