Trump Tower

Environmentalists gather at Trump Tower for a teach in. Jamie Tyberg, from New York Communities for Change, is on the back left. Yasmina Price, of the DSA Climate Justice, is on right with 350 NYC's Marilyn Vlasta front left.

Environmentalists Take to Trump Tower, Occupy Public Garden

The teach-in was intended to highlight environmental justice and how the president’s actions have harmed frontline communities.

Kanye West stands in front of a large group of White models wearing his flesh-colored Yeezy collection of leggings, shirts, body suits and other garments.

Kanye West Does Not Speak for People of Color [OP-ED]

The superstar who once blurted out that President George W. Bush didn’t care about Black people met with President-Elect Donald Trump to discuss “multicultural issues” today. Herewith, a PSA.

White man in black suit with navy-and-white-striped tie next to Black man in black sweatshirt and gold necklace against group of White people in brown elevator

Kanye West Tweets About His Meeting With Donald Trump

West shocked the world by meeting with Trump during one of his first public appearances since his release from UCLA Medical Center.

Donald Trump Says 'I Love Hispanics!' in Cinco De Mayo Post

Was this a misguided appeal to Latino voters? His proof that he’s not as racist as people think? Simple trolling? You decide.