Trayvon Martin

Jordan Davis Murder Trial Begins in Fla. Today

In a case reminiscent of Trayvon Martin’s, 17-year-old Davis was allegedly shot and killed in 2012 by a white man after an argument over loud music.

How to Make Sense of George Zimmerman's Senseless Fight With DMX

This story, and Zimmerman, aren’t going away any time soon.

Help Us Celebrate Trayvon Martin's 19th Birthday

The trending Twitter hashtag, #19forTrayvon, commemorates Martin’s birthday and marks opportunities lost to him.

Kiese Laymon on Trayvon, Black Manhood and Love

Author Kiese Laymon reflects on the killing of Trayvon Martin, black manhood and the prospect of real black love.

Macklemore's Trayvon Martin Tribute Matters -- Here's Why

It’s inspiring to see an artist who’s mindful of his influence and willing to put his politics front and center.

Feds to Investigate Kendrick Johnson's Death

The Georgia teen’s parents believe he was murdered, and that his case was not fully investigated because he was black.

Testimony at Senate 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing Gets Bizarre

Sen. Ted Cruz tells mothers of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis that their sons deaths were not about race.

These Men Dressed Up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman For Halloween

And if that doesn’t turn your stomach, then this might: the costume includes blackface and a bloodstained hoodie.

California Teen Shot Dead by Police While Carrying a Toy Gun

Andy Lopez was walking home from school, and wearing a blue hoodie.

New Details in Georgia Teen's Death Arouse Suspicions

Kendrick Johnson’s parents believe their son was murdered, and have called on Benjamin Crump out of suspicions that police mishandled their case because their son is black.

Florida Senate Looks to Revise 'Stand Your Ground' Law

The Florida law that aided George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Trayvon Martin murder trial is under scrutiny.

Watch California Youth Respond to Trayvon, Oscar, and Israel

In a new music video produced by the Richmond, CA youth organization RYSE, young men of color connect with the recent deaths of three young men of color.

Yelp! Joins ALEC Amidst Ongoing Criticism

At least 50 corporations and nonprofits have severed ties with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), but Yelp! is just getting on board.

Shellie Zimmerman Says She Now Doubts Husband's Innocence

In an interview with NBC News, George Zimmerman’s wife talks about their recent altercation, and says she doesn’t know what her husband is capable of.

Update: George Zimmerman Released Without Charges

Shellie Zimmerman retracted statements made yesterday on a call to 911, saying she never saw a gun, and will not press charges.

George Zimmerman Detained After Gun-Related Domestic Incident

George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie called police today after he allegedly pulled a knife, then a gun on her during a domestic dispute.

Colin Powell Talks Race, March on Washington and Voter ID

Colin Powell says President Obama needs to step up race discussion.

Dream Defenders Leave Capitol, Heading for Governor's Home

The Dream Defenders are now taking their struggle from the capitol building to their communities.

The Dream Defenders Introduce 'Trayvon's Law'; Talib Kweli Weighs In

Youth leaders want state to reform Stand Your Ground and School-to-Prison Pipeline issues.

Dwyane Wade, Spike Lee's Sons Join Trayvon's Family on EBONY Cover

EBONY Magazine explores the legacy of Trayvon Martin’s death.