The Breakout Film at Sundance About Trans Sex Workers Was Shot on an iPhone

The film is a narrative about sex workers in Los Angeles.

ICYMI: Watch Queer and Trans Activists of Color Shut Down San Francisco's Historic Castro

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Neither Cox nor Carmen Carrera were having it.

Stunning Portraits of Muxes, Mexico's 'Third Gender'

A Mexico City-based photographer celebrates men who consider themselves women and are celebrated as symbols of good luck.

KOKUMO's Gorgeous 'There Will Come A Day' Will Melt Your Heart

A transgender woman from the South Side of Chicago, this new singer is someone to watch.

Why 'Orange Is the New Black' Is So Addictive

The Netflix series sets the bar for a new kind of dramedy that carefully addresses gender, sexuality, and white privilege.

Tips for Being a Better Transgender Ally

It’s not that hard to be a better ally. Here are four relatively simple steps.

5 Ways to Be Safe, Supportive and Proud

Sadly, violence against LGBT people has made grim headlines lately. But there’s nothing new in the trend, and people working with transgender communities of color in particular have developed strategies for dealing with it.

This Is a Really Helpful List on How Not to be a Good Ally

Because actions speak louder than words.

Hate Violence Against LGBT Community Is On a Dangerous Rise

And transgender people of color are getting the worst of it.

At SXSW, An Honest Look at a Latina Transgender Bar in Transition

Wu Tsang’s “Wildness” tells the story of one of Los Angeles’s most iconic bars and how its longtime transgender Latina patrons navigate loss, pride, and gentrification.

New Federal Rule Makes LGBT Housing Discrimination Illegal

The Obama Administration announced historic new federal rules that will strengthen housing discrimination protections for transgender and other LGBT people.

Why Black Gay and Transgender Americans Need More than Marriage Equality [Report]

Center for American Progress released a new report on black gay and transgender communities and why the focus should be on more than just marriage.

Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Signs Transgender Equality Bill Into Law

The Massachusetts Governor signed an act in to law that now legally protects transgender individuals from discrimination in housing, education, employment and credit.

Pass the Mic: Transgender Women in Chocolate City Tell Their Stories

Transgender women in the nation’s capitol are catching hell. But violence and bais isn’t the sum of people’s lives, so Akiba Solomon asked trans women of color in D.C. to tell their own stories. “I’m proud of my experiences,” says Danielle King. “Most importantly, I love myself.”

Score! A Transgender People's Victory in the State of California

New laws make it easier to get ID and clarify what should be a basic truth: You can’t discriminate against somebody because they’re transgender.