Guantanamo Detainee Asks Not for Prosecution, but Truth

In two new interviews, Shaker Aamer, a British former detainee at the U.S.’ notorious Guantanamo Bay, details what has happened there and demands that Tony Blair tell the truth about the use of torture. 

Chicago 'Black Sites' Expose More on How the City Tortures Its Residents

Another bombshell revelation about the city’s treatment of poor African-Americans and Latinos.

'Did the Torture Work?' is the Wrong Question

Constantly framing the report about the CIA’s torture of alleged Islamic terrorist in terms of “success” invites us to minimize the specific, grisly experiences of the detainees.

Free After 3 Years: Chicago's Jon Burge Who Tortured 100 Black Men

Burge, 66, will be released to a halfway house in Tampa, Florida.