Todd McFarlane

Jamie Foxx. Black man with black hair and goatee in cheetah-print shirt and green jacket smiles in front of wall with green and blue and white triangles and black text

Jamie Foxx Stars in New 'Spawn' Adaptation

This is the second live-action take on Todd McFarlane’s comic character after 1997’s “Spawn”—the first superhero film with a Black lead.

Man in black and white suit in front of black night sky and green trees

Why the Universally Panned Black Superhero Flick 'Spawn' Still Matters 20 Years In

Two decades have passed since Michael Jai White starred in “Spawn,” the first superhero film with a Black protagonist. We spoke to “Luke Cage” creator Cheo Hodari Coker and DC Comics author Selwyn Seyfu Hinds about what this notoriously cheesy 1997 film has to do with today’s Black superheroes.