There's a Tumblr for That

'OSU Haters' Tumblr Puts Ohio State's Racist Tweets on Blast

The three-month old Tumblr takes hateful and/or racially insensitive tweets posted by Ohio State students and lays them out for the world to see.

Humanae: A Portrait Series That Classifies Human Skin Tones as Pantone Colors

Angelica Dass’ project “Humanae” uses people’s skin color to complete a human Pantone chart.

A Satirical Step-by-Step Guide to How to be a Reverse Racist

An actual step by step list for oppressing white people.

People of Color Go On Tumblr To Tell Their 'I Could Be Trayvon' Stories asks visitors to share stories and pictures about being racially profiled and how that incident made them feel.

Cholafied: A Tumblr with Pop Stars in 'Chola Makeup'

Take a look at “Cholafied,” a Tumblr that gives today’s celebrities “sharpy eyebrows” and black lipliner.

Today's Love: Children With Swag Tumblr Might Make Your Eyes Water

Too much cuteness.

Collection of 'Planned Parenthood Saved Me' Stories on Tumblr

Check out this Tumblr that includes stories submitted by “women whose lives were saved or changed because they had access to affordable healthcare like cancer screenings though Planned Parenthood.”