American Muslims Sue for Being Watchlisted Without Due Process

The federal government has “unjustly and disproportionately targeted American Muslims,” the complaint reads.

How We Can Break the Cycle of Pain From Mass Violence

Care for those hurt. Care for those who will be accused. And care for ourselves. That’s how we’ll grow together, rather than tear apart.

A Letter to My Son on Coping With Mass Violence

As you grow older, you’ll have many opportunities to make positive change. What values will you put into practice? Answering this question may be the best way to honor those whose lives were so tragically cut short.

Muslim "Terrorists," White "Lone Wolves," and the Lessons of Oslo

The key lesson from Oslo is that fear blinds, not just those who act on violent impulses but also those who bear witness to it. Americans should finally examine the ripple effects of political ideas with which they’ve grown dangerously comfortable.

Professor Recounts: My Student, the "Terrorist"

Jeanne Theoharis details the extent to which our government is policing dissent under the guise of the War on Terror.

Pakistan's Flood Victims Drown in Stereotypes of Terrorism and Graft

Military aid far outpaces the humanitarian help the West has sent.

American Muslims Speak Out: 9/11 Happened to Us All

PSA’s put a new face on the Park51 debate and 9/11.

Tempers Explode Over Ground Zero Islamic Center

How did an otherwise mundane hearing of the Landmarks Preservation Commission disintegrate into a Muslim-bashing fest?

Under Political Siege, Muslim Americans Confront America's Ugly Side

AmericanMuslim.img_assist_custom.jpgBesieged by media attacks and riven by internal conflicts, Muslim American communities have been wrestling with an identity crisis for years now.