image of a a building set ablaze at night time

'White Power' Graffiti Found Near Civil Rights Movement Landmark Destroyed By Fire

The Highlander Center for Research and Education, which hosted Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., says the fire was intentionally set. 

Cyntoia Brown

How to Support Cyntoia Brown

Sentenced to life in prison at 16 for killing her would-be rapist, Brown is not eligible for parole until she is 67.

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Counter-Protest Overshadows 'White Lives Matter' Rally, Forces Cancellation

White hate group members and supporters met significant opposition from anti-racist demonstrators at “White Lives Matter” gathering in Tennessee.

Black man in white shirt and grey pants next to Black girl in blue shirt and black sweater and pants, holding blue flag with white text in front of blue table and orange wall with orange, white and black tiger painting

Memphis High School's Graduating Class Earns $80 Million in Scholarships

Whitehaven High School’s class of 2017 is 99 percent Black.

White billboard reading "Make America White Again" in Black text

Tennessee Congressional Candidate's 'Make America White Again' Billboards Taken Down

Another of independent candidate Rick Tyler’s controversial billboards featured the White House ringed with Confederate flags and the words “I have a dream.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Assassinated 48 Years Ago Today

Dr. King was just 39 years old when he was killed.

READ: The Housing Discrimination That Destroyed Memphis

A new article from Places Journal is the first in a series on urban inequality in America. 

New Anti-Abortion Billboards Give Reproductive Justice Activists Déjà Vu

Citing racism, black reproductive justice groups are rallying against a spate of anti-abortion billboards going up in the South.

8-year-old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Until He Drops Bill Linking Welfare to School Grades

An 8-year-old girl confronted Tennessee Sen. Stacey Campfield, in the hallways of the state legislature to tell him she’s worried about Tennessee children.

Tennessee Gets Closer to Passing Bill That Ties Welfare to School Grades

The measure is taking “a carrot and stick approach,” one of the sponsors of the bill says.

Tennessee Signs Landmark DOJ Agreement to Right Its Juvenile Justice Wrongs

The Shelby County juvenile justice system is especially and disproportionately harsh on black kids, while denying kids of all races their basic due process rights.

On Its Way to the DNC, Undocubus Finds Struggle and Hope in Knoxville

On their way to the Democratic National Convention, UndocuBus riders find community in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tennesee's Radical Anti-Shariah Bill Amended, But Still Targeted at Muslims

Critics argue that the new bill raises huge concerns about due process and other possible constitutional violations.

Tenn. State Rep. Likens Undocumented Immigrants to Rats

And don’t look for an apology any time soon.