Tech Industry

New Blind Job Match App Aims to Put More People of Color in Tech

Engineer Stephanie Lampkin, a Black woman, created Blendoor to eliminate racial and gender bias from tech industry hiring.

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Where are the black and Latino tech graduates going?

New Fellowship Prepares People of Color for Coding Careers

More than just a diversity program, Code for Progress teaches organizers computer coding.

The Latest On Youth Unemployment and Jobs

One in four blacks and one in six Latinos under the age of 25 can’t find a job

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Ten Droid apps that may prove especially helpful if you’re undocumented.

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How’s about that “open discussion” you wanted, Greg Gopman?

Tristan Walker's Plans to Increase Diversity in Silicon Valley

The former head of business development at FourSquare now has his sights set on increasing diversity in the tech sector.

More Evidence New York's Tech Industry is Dominated by White Men

Out of a list of the ‘Silicon Alley 100,’ a scant few are people of color or women.

San Francisco Chinese Family Loses Their Eviction Fight

The family didn’t go without a fight.

San Francisco Chinese Couple Wins Eviction Reprieve

Can an elderly Chinese couple and a galvanized community take on San Francisco’s tech-driven gentrification?

Elderly Chinese Couple Takes On San Francisco's Tech-Driven Gentrifiers

The tech-industry-driven rent explosion has radically shifted the San Francisco housing market.

Jennifer Lopez Calls New Verizon Deal to Court Latinos 'No Brainer'

Viva Movil will be ready in a city near you.

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Colorlines readers sound off on the firing of Adria Richards.

It's Bigger Than Adria Richards

A primer for how you can prepare yourself for racist and sexist Internet attacks–mind, body and soul.

Labor Attorneys Say Adria Richards' Firing Will Be Hard to Defend

Adria Richards, the developer evangelist who was fired after tweeting an image of two men she heard making sexist jokes, may have a strong case if she decides to take her former employer to court.