teachers unions

Karen Lewis Pulls Out of Chicago Mayoral Race

The teachers union leader will step aside while she fights serious illness.

A New Chaos for Philly Schools After Teachers' Contract Torn Up

A new chapter in what unions call the “war on teachers.”

Vergara Trial Ruling Could Help Educational Equality in the Long Run

Let’s look beyond this week’s landmark ruling for a quick second. How else might this otherwise damaging ruling help the fight for educational equality?

Judge Strikes Down California Teacher Tenure

Education reformers have framed teacher tenure as a civil rights issue, arguing that job protection for teachers harms poor students and students of color.

Appeals Court Rules 7,000 New Orleans Teachers Unfairly Laid off Post-Katrina

Many new recruits to the New Orleans public schools teaching force come via Teach for America.

Grinch Delivers Coal to Chicago Aldermen in National Protest to Reclaim Public Education

Actions were planned for over 60 cities.

James O'Keefe Trains His Slimy Lens on Teachers

The man who posed as a pimp to attack ACORN says teachers are racists.