In South Carolina, an Effort to Encourage Black Men Into Teaching

Less than 2 percent of the nation’s teaching force are black men, and it’s having serious consequences in the classroom.

Vergara Trial Ruling Could Help Educational Equality in the Long Run

Let’s look beyond this week’s landmark ruling for a quick second. How else might this otherwise damaging ruling help the fight for educational equality?

Judge Strikes Down California Teacher Tenure

Education reformers have framed teacher tenure as a civil rights issue, arguing that job protection for teachers harms poor students and students of color.

United Students Against Sweatshops Want Teach for America Off College Campuses

The student organizing group kicked off a “TFA Truth Tour” this week, slated to hit 15 campuses.

Watch Teach for America's New DREAM Act Video

Worlds colliding.

Los Angeles Leads the Way on Data-Driven Reform With Teacher Scores

The city’s schools are increasingly the frontline in the battle over business-style reforms for public education.

Is Arizona Targeting Teachers through Unfair English Standards?

The Justice Department’s taking the state’s “English only” policy to court.

Louisiana's Trafficked Filipino Teachers Take Recruiter to Court

Faced intimidation and exorbitant fees, according to suit.

Senate Passes $10 Billion Teachers' Fund

Congress’ last minute aid package helps school districts crippled by recession.

War Spending Bill Won't Pay for Teachers' Jobs

The White House has successfully intimidated the Senate into passing the bill without $10 billion for teachers’ jobs and other domestic spending.

White House: Let Food Stamps Pay for Teacher Jobs

More madness in the administration’s zeal for its testing-centered education reform.

Obama's High-Stakes Teacher Bashing

The White House’s outsized reaction to House Democrats’ effort to help states pay educators makes no sense–unless understood as crass, anti-teacher politics.