Tea Party

Sarah Palin's Latest Campaign Move? End Reality Show

The former Alaska governor continues her shameless presidential bid.

The Self-Destruction of Government-vs.-the People Ideology

The violence in Arizona is about more than Sarah Palin’s semantics.

Jesse Jackson, Jr.: We Should Read the WHOLE Constitution

Originalists cherry pick the original ideas they want to (publicly) revere.

The Constitution Is Just Words, Until We Give Them Meaning

And all the tea party-inspired grandstanding in the world won’t change that fact, says Dom Apollon.

The Reformers Everybody Ignored While Fussing Over the Tea Party

Juell Stewart wanders into the real grassroots of Obama-era national politics.

Ellison Responds as Tea Party Big Repeats Anti-Muslim Attack

Tea party leader answers critics of his bigoted attack on Rep. Ellison with still more bigotry.

Tea Party Leader: Target Rep. Ellison Because He's Muslim

Still more proof that it’s a racist organization (and the sky is blue).

Yup, the Tea Party's Racist, Study Finds (But It's Not Alone)

Implicitly white supremacist politics are more ubiquitous now than they’ve been in a generation.

Alternet Breaks Down the Workings of "Tea Party Inc."

It’s a lot to digest, but it’s all there if you look. This is no grassroots movement.

The Ongoing Self-Degradation of Virginia and Clarence Thomas

This time the high-tech lynching came through a phone line, but the evil still lurks within.

No, Anita Hill Will Not Apologize to Clarence Thomas' Wife

But she will call the cops if Virginia Thomas doesn’t stay off her voicemail.

Tea Party Favorite Uses Bed Intruder Theme to Scare Voters

Christine O’Donnell is desperate.

Tea Party Gets Anti-Net Neutrality Guide

As midterms approach, “patriot-activists” get a new set of talking points.

Rick Santelli: Tea Party Rant "Best Five Minutes of My Life"

The man credited with launching the Tea Party makes no apologies.

Sen. Olympia Snowe Slams Tea Party Rise in GOP

The moderate Republican warns that there’s no such thing as ideological purity.

Rep. Keith Ellison Talks About Beating the "Anti-Islam Industry"

ColorLines speaks with Congress’ first Muslim member. “I urge people to come together to build some understanding,” Ellison says.

Tea Partiers Hijack Malcolm X Speech

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Glenn Beck's MLK Dream is Perverse, But What's Our Vision?

Beck and the right have been the loudest national voices on race for too long.

Tea Party Holds Rally at the Border

$600 million in border enforcement just ain’t enough, say organizers.

Tea Party Searches For Dollars--and Sense

Though, even when they’re broke, they keep chugging along.