Michelle Carter in blue striped t-shirt holding red, white and blue American flag.

#POCMedalWatch: Michelle Carter, 'The Simones,' Venus Williams and More Excel in Rio

The medals just keep coming for American athletes of color at the Olympics.

Simone Manuel and Simone Biles in red and navy warm-ups with gold medals on green ribbons

#POCMedalWatch: 'The Simones' Redefine Olympic History With Gold Medals

Simone Manuel and Simone Biles, plus Ryan Lochte and Nico Hernández, maintained Team USA’s winning streak at the Rio games.

Lia Neal in black swimsuit against blue water

#POCMedalWatch: Here Are All the U.S. Olympians of Color Who Have Won Medals So Far

We’re keeping track of the American athletes of color who earn gold, silver and bronze medals in Rio.

Black Women Sweep the NCAA D1 Swimming Championship

They came, they swam, they conquered.

NYPD's Lone Black Scuba Diver Files EEOC Complaint Over Racial Taunts on the Job

“Black guys couldn’t swim,” the scuba-diving unit’s captain allegedly said to explain why he blocked Oscar Smith’s transfer.

NBA Player Learns How to Swim With Kids at Boys and Girls Club

Brandon Bass, 28, is conquering his fear of the water.

Cullen Jones to Swim in Three Events at London Olympics

Jones is the third African-American in history to make the US Olympic swimming team.

Landlord Says She's No Racist, She Just Doesn't Want Black Folks in Pool

The landlord says she’s not racist she just didn’t want black hair products to get the pool water cloudy.

Black Women Don't Swim?

On public radio, we’ve been hearing a lot about how Black people and water don’t mix. Or more precisely, why so many Black people don’t swim.