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Kalief Browder's Mother 'Literally Died of a Broken Heart,' Says Lawyer

Venida Browder fought for justice after her teenage son was forced to stay at Rikers Island jail for three years without a trial, and later killed himself.

Read MarShawn McCarrel II's Beautiful Poem, 'Down South'

The #BlackLivesMatter activist committed suicide on Monday in front of the Ohio Statehouse. Here, some of his poignant words.

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Kalief Browder's Suicide Resonates Throughout Media

The young man, who was jailed for three years on Riker’s Island as a 16-year-old with no trial, has inspired responses from various news outlets and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. 

Suicide Crisis Continues Among Native Youth on Reservations

Native youth are more than three times more likely to commit suicide than any other group.