Activists Demonstrate Against Trump's TPS Policies

Immigrant Caravan to Travel from L.A. to D.C. to Protest End of Deportation Protections

Beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status are calling on the Trump administration to restore protections for some 400,000 immigrants.

U.S. judge allows immigrants to sue Trump administration for termination of temporary protected status.

Judge Says Immigrants Losing Protected Status Can Sue Trump Administration

The suit alleges that President Donald Trump’s stated reasons for ending Temporary Protected Status are a “smokescreen” for a racist immigration agenda.

Ahmed Mohamed Leaving U.S., Moving To Qatar

Nearly a month after the 14-year-old’s controversial arrest, Ahmed Mohamed’s family announced that they will be moving to Qatar. 

South Sudan Votes to Secede--Now What?

Check out Farid Farid’s Colorlines essay asking just that question, at the voting’s outset.

Hoping for Peace as South Sudan Set to be World's Newest Country

After the euphoria of independence, the real struggle is to make sure things don’t fall apart