subprime lending

Preying on Black Ambition

From subprime mortgages to subprime credit cards and now subprime degrees, a small number of people continue to get rich off of black Americans’ aspirations.

Report: Big Banks Leaving Abandoned, Foreclosed Homes in Ohio

Filings in at least three of the state’s cities were nearly three times more concentrated in communities of color than in majority white ones.

A Swamp of Predatory Lending Drowns Struggling Neighborhoods

A growing number of states are trying to regulate high-cost, small-dollar loans. But the industry, with Wall Street’s backing, is moving fast to evade new rules.

Wells Fargo's "Stage Coach From Hell" Loses Subprime Wheels

Late last night Wells Fargo announced its plans to cut 3,800 jobs, close 638 of its Wells Fargo financial stores nationwide and officially stop handing out subprime loan packages. The move is a long time coming for a bank that’s been at the forefront of the subprime mortgage crisis for communities of color.