People sit in street during protest

Nationwide Protests Mark Fourth Anniversary of #FightFor15

The campaign seeks to win a living wage for underpaid service workers.

Why Mothers Are on Strike at Karnes Immigrant Detention Center

“We want our FREEDOM,” they’ve written in a letter obtained by Colorlines

Why a Raise in the Minimum Wage Will Happen

The faster Wall Street and corporations resisting the income hike grasp the political reality, the better it will be for the millions of people who work full-time but don’t earn enough to live; especially women of color.

Photos: Fast-Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities

December 5, 2013 marked the largest fast-food strikes in history, organizers say.

Fast-Food Worker Strikes Set for 100 Cities

The movement to organize low-wage workers is spreading to new parts of the country.

Over 100 Arrested in Walmart Black Friday Actions

Current and former Walmart associates protested on Black Friday, demanding better wages and treatment.

Walmart Strikes Spread to Miami Ahead of Black Friday Protests

The countdown to Black Friday is on.

Walmart and Forever21 Truckers Strike in Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles-based truck drivers who deliver goods to Walmart, Forever21 and Costco are going on strike today.

Walmart Worker Arrested in Protest Explains Why She Took the Risk

Evelin Cruz is one of 54 Los Angeles-area workers who blocked an intersection and got arrested protesting Walmart’s poor wages and labor practices. Here’s why she took a chance with her livelihood.

Federally Contracted Workers Bring Labor Fight to Obama's Front Door

Low-wage workers are making sure the federal government doesn’t overlook the labor practices of its own contractors.

Workers Strike at World Champs' Ballpark to Demand Better Wages

San Francisco concession stand workers are demanding fair treatment.