Street Harassment

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Harassed Online? HeartMob Plans to Have Your Back

A new project from Hollaback! seeks to support women who’ve faced racial and gender-based  harassment online.

'Stop Telling Women to Smile' Art Goes to Mexico City

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh takes on street harassment in Mexico’s biggest city.

Video: Women of Color Speak Out About Street Harassment

They talk about their own experiences with street harassment, often at the hands of white men.

De-Centering Whiteness is Essential to Thinking About Street Harassment

Aura Bogado argues that the Hollaback! should consider centering trans women of color.

On That Street Harassment Video and Race

The viral video of a New York City woman suffering endless street harassment is effective. If only it wasn’t complicated by race.

ICYMI: Meet the Artist of Color Behind Those 'Stop Telling Women to Smile' Posters

Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh has taken her anti-street harassment message nationwide.

Watch What People Say to Teenage Girls on the Street

Young women in Philadelphia share their experiences with street harassment, some even being followed to school by strangers.