Street Art

Filmmakers Crowdfund to Support Documentary About Native Hawaiian Street Artists

“Mele Murals” investigates how young Native Hawaiian artists use graffiti and murals to assert their identity.

ICYMI: Meet the Artist of Color Behind Those 'Stop Telling Women to Smile' Posters

Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh has taken her anti-street harassment message nationwide.

Banksy Interrupts the Olympics

On Monday, the street artist Banksy added to two new pieces to the walls of London. Just days before the opening ceremony at the Olympics.

EBONY Magazine Commissions Street Artist Shepard Fairey to Illustrate Trayvon Martin

Graphic designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey, who created Barack Obama’s 2009 “Hope” poster, has illustrated a new figure: Trayvon Martin.

via Fairey’s blog:

I have followed Trayvon’s case closely and I think any compassionate human being can relate to Trayvon as a brother or son and would want to see a thorough investigation into the killing of an unarmed person.

Artist Puts Fake Gardeners Near Clooney's House Before Obama Fundraiser

Mexican-American artist Ramiro Gomez has a message for Obama: “We’re all Americans.”