Stop and Frisk

Jasiri X Flips Biggie's '10 Crack Commandments' to the '10 Frisk Commandments'

The creator of “This Week in Blackness” Elon James White and rapper Jasiri X have teamed up to flip Biggie Smalls’ “10 Crack Commandments” to the “10 Frisk Commandments.”

Mayor Bloomberg to Black Church: 'Stop-and-Frisk' Is Here to Stay

Just after citing Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech the Mayor told the congregation at the First Baptist Church of Brownsville that ‘stop-and-frisk’ should be “mended, not ended.”

Activist Group Yes Men Confirm NYPD Stop and Frisk Happy Meal Hoax

But plenty of media took the bait, and now the NYPD’s shady policing practices are up for more debate.

McDonald's Denies NYPD Deal to Give Happy Meals to Stop and Frisk Victims

On Tuesday, McDonald’s denied participating in a campaign called “Three Strikes, You’re In!” that rewarded New Yorkers who have been victims of NYPD’s stop and frisk policies with a Happy Meal.

New York's Mostly Black and Latino Stop-and-Frisk Victims Speak Out

New York City Police Department released new data to the City Council earlier this month revealed there were 684,330 stop-and-frisks in 2011–close to 90% of those stopped were black and Latino.

NYPD Cop Taped Making Racial Slur About Black Man After Stop-and-Frisk

It’s just the latest case of racial bias in a controversial departmental policy that targets young black and brown men.

New Orleans Cops' Unspoken Stop and Frisk Quota

The more police harass civilians, the better their performance is graded.

Update: The NYPD Just Won't Stop On Frisking

88 percent of those stopped were black and Latino, according to department data.

Voices from Brooklyn: Racial Profiling's Part of Everyday Life Here

It’s not just Arizona. ColorLines speaks with young black men in Brownsville, Brooklyn, about living with NYPD’s profiling policy.

NY State Makes Cops Stop Collecting Names at Stop-and-Frisk

Paterson to sign legislation to stop cops from inventorying young people of color who are not arrested or fined.