Asian man in white jacket next to white man in navy suit

READ: Racist Fox News Segment Echoes Historic Anti-Asian Bullying

“To legitimize myself as a proper citizen of this country, there are times when I have wondered, despite myself, how much distance I must place between myself and those whom Watters and Trump feel free to mock,” wrote Jiayang Fan in a sobering essay for The New Yorker.

Awkwafina in glasses on left, Margaret Cho with short black hair and white face makeup on right

WATCH: Awkwafina and Margaret Cho Lampoon Asian Stereotypes on Edgy 'Green Tea'

“Flip a stereotype, how an Asian bitch got concubines?” How, indeed. 

WATCH: The Science Behind Why People Think Stereotypes Are True

Franchesca explans it all: “Stereotypes are cognitive shortcuts.”

STUDY: White People Think Men With 'Black-Sounding' Names Are Scary

Lead author Colin Holbrook: “I’ve never been so disgusted by my own data.”

Utah Baseball Team Cancels ‘Caucasian Heritage Night’ After Backlash

The minor league Orem Owlz canceled Caucasian Heritage Night after Twitter dragging. Festivities would have included “Wonder Bread on burgers with mayonnaise” and “trying to solve the vertical leaping challenge.”

'Asian Girlz' Is Quite Possibly the Worst Video on the Internet Right Now

But it’s a good lesson in how the impact of someone’s words or actions carry more weight than their intention.

Dramatic Reading of Racist YouTube Comments Left on 'What Kind of Asian Are You?' Video

Actors read real comments from “What Kind of Asian Are You?”

'What Kind of Asian Are You?' Answered in Hilarious Video

If we were all only so bold.

New Web Series Points Out That Black Folks Do Swim

Watch the Season 2 premiere of “Black Folk Don’t,” a satirical, documentary web series that challenges common stereotypes.

Afro Dish Sponges: Funny or Racist?

The British company Paladone released a line of dishwashing sponges based on African-Americans with Afro hairstyles. One figure is shaped like Diana Ross with a brillo pad hairstyle and another is a disco-styled sponge. Paladone said that these were designed to be fun and sales have been high. But are these funny or racist?